SPN Con!

Woo hoo!!!  I am going to see the boys in August!!  They are finally coming to Minneapolis - it only took TEN YEARS!

So - this will be my first con ever.  How's that for being a late fangirl bloomer?!  Any advice for me from those of you who have attended these in the past?  Do I wear my Dean amulet and a Winchesters t-shirt?  Do I pack snacks and water to survive the day?  Please send helpful hints!

Thank you!

I AM GONNA SEE JENSEN ACKLES IN THE FLESH!!  I hope I survive the hotness.... :)

Kindle, Anyone?

Just a question (or several...) for anyone out there who may have a Kindle....Or a Nook.  Whatever.  Do you like them?  Easy to use?  Speaking as a tech dinosaur, here.

Mostly I find myself wanting to use one for fanfic.  Possibly in the future for books, grudgingly, mostly because I am out of shelf space.  But now, fanfic would be brilliant to read on something mobile.  

So.  Do PDFs work well?  I have read a couple of ways of getting PDFs over to a Kindle - easy peasy or pain in the ass?  Easy to read once they're there?

Let me know!  I have been reading stuff online about all the options and choices, and my head is swimming!  Any comments or opinions are welcome!

Ranty Rant!

This is just so random - I never post anything here.  But I have to say this, and I'm wondering if the possibly, oh, 10 people on my flist have noticed this and feel the same way.

The most overly overused, trite, ridiculous, and just plain annoying phrase in writing that simply DRIVES ME INSANE is as follows:  "He released a breath he didn't even know he'd been holding."

Every single time I see that, I want to cry.  And scream, and throw my hands in the air.

I just saw it in a story, minutes ago, and I had to break out the rant.  I HATE THAT PHRASE!!

So I apologize if any of y'all are married to it and have used it in the past.  Forgive me. 
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Just a Little More Faith (PG, Gen)

Author:  jennk528

Spoilers for "Faith."  A couple of missing scenes from the episode, because come on, they didn't really give us enough, did they?  I know there's been a lot of proverbial ink spilled concerning this ep and a lot of tags and fillers, but I couldn't not write this.  So here's my take on it.  Enjoy.



“Just a Little More Faith”

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Welcome to my little corner of Supernatural fic on LJ. Nothing up yet, but I'm working on it! Come back and see me soon.
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